Gratitude is the best gift you can give yourself ~ Steve Harvey

The new year has started and another has passed. I cannot help but wonder if I took anything with me from 2021 that will actually lead to my growth in the new year.

I came across a YouTube video where Steve Harvey was giving motivation and one of the things that he said that stuck out to me was, “gratitude is the best gift you can give yourself”. I then realised that looking back at 2021, I couldn’t help but be grateful for the year. This was a year where I chose myself, over and over and over again. The year I learned to be content with what I have in my life instead of focusing on what’s still “lacking”. I chose to stop subjecting myself to societal standards of what wholesomeness entails and I chose to define it for myself. This was the year I took time to pour into myself the same energy, love and affection I usually pour onto others. I look back and I’m definitely grateful that I took time to see a therapist and work through issues that I didn’t even know I had 😹.

Learning to be truly content was what I wanted for myself in 2021 and that came with rejecting things that were offered to me half heartedly as though doing me a favour. I wanted to look at my life and truly be happy with it, and I know that it didn’t have to make sense to the next person except to myself. I learned to be unapologetic about my likes, new found hobbies and interests. I went on solocations (solo-vacations) and I met new people and had conversations with them. I took time to see myself and appreciate my journey in life.

My solo vacation in Clarens – Free State (South Africa)

I am grateful for the growth that I saw in myself, I looked at myself with love and I learned to forgive myself and, not be too hard on myself when faced with criticism or day to day challenges. I even made it a point to learn to be gentle, kind and soft with myself. I afforded myself the opportunity to learn to see good when my brain, for the longest time, was trained to focus on the negative instead of the good. I can say this was the year I really learned how to have fun, really have fun.

I am not saying I have mastered the art of contentment and being thankful; however, I am now more aware of my reactions to the different things that happen in my life. I’m learning to give thanks in every situation.

My new gratitude journal 📓

I am aiming to start my days with gratitude, I might struggle with consistency, however, I do know that this will help shape my perspective.

So I am thankful that:

1. I am still alive, after the pandemic took so much life.

2. I have hope for tomorrow, though I strive to always live in the moment.

3. I am thankful for all that I have, the favour upon my life and the joy I have.

I have learned that life is too short to be playing small, dreaming small and not working at your best capacity. I refuse to live in regret or focus on the past hurt because that prevents me from taking a chance on new beginnings.

2022 is my year of hope and upgrades. I am believing that this year will bring with it good fortune, great health and I believe the year to be the year of great harvest. I am ready for all that awaits me and I choose to give thanks in all things.

I hope that your year got off to a great start and that though you may be wary; may you begin to find joy in the little things. And remember, gratitude is the best gift you can give yourself.

Lefenyo with love 💕

Cry my beloved country

There’s still hope

I have been away for quite sometime and honestly found it so hard to just put my thoughts together, because the month of July leading into August were so hard for us as a country. Third wave was peaking, the number of infected people were becoming names of people we know, there was loss of life and to top it off looting in the KZN and Gauteng provinces reared it’s ugly head.

So it has all been too much; but one can never be found without hope. It is in moments like these where some of us who are quite religious/spiritual will look to the Creator of heaven and earth and ask Him to have mercy on us and heal our land. I remember the Pastor of my church was so moved by the happenings that he called to us to fast and pray for South Africa, I of course heeded the call and joined the church in this great call. I was mentally and emotionally invested because livelihoods were affected, people’s businesses affected and fear that this wasn’t helping with the fact that we’re trying to contain the COVID-19.

Anyway, I reflected on this: South Africa is a country that is believed to be alive with possibility, it is a country whose freedom was greatly celebrated and gave those formerly oppressed a wave of hope for economic emancipation, access to affordable health and education to mention a few. It’s been 27 years of this Freedom and many will say the fight for survival continues but not because we’re denied opportunities but because of lack of opportunities and hunger that’s ravaging the land.

How did we get here and will it ever get better?

So I pray for South Africa because we need change in this land, change in Government, Leadership and overall state of the country. We need men and women to rise up, who will put the interest of the country and its people before their own, men and women who will understand the nature of their call and work towards the betterment of this country. The nation is ailing, it almost seems as if things are falling apart; but we are a praying nation and believe that God will hear from heaven and heal our land.

These are my thoughts on what the months of July/August have meant for me. The good news is that the nation is currently being vaccinated, the looting has stopped and we are thinking of ways to rebuild and restore the economy. I do not know if we’ve hit the eye of the storm yet and we’re seeing a silver lining or whether it will get worse before it gets better, but one thing is for sure South Africa will be great for her people again.

May God bless South Africa and heal her people.

Lefenyo ❤️

“I don’t mind what happens”

So after many months of reading one book, Eckhart Tolle’s A New Earth, I came across a phrase “I don’t mind what happens.”. These five words evoked an emotion in me that I still cannot describe, and so I’m going to try and explain a little of what it means to me in this moment.

Been reading this book for a long time; it’s loaded with information that needs processing 😂

I have been one to plan things or imagine how certain things ought to unfold and obviously to my disappointment, things never really play out how I had imagined they would. This caused me a lot of heartbreak and disappointment. I had become a person that goes from level zero to level 200 so quickly simply because in my head if I take a particular step, that means life has no choice but to unfold how I’m expecting it to. The head and heart ache that came with this way of thinking was unnecessary and could have been avoided. So last year after requesting the Wellness Manager at work to hook me up with a Life Coach or a Therapist, I started finding interest in mindfulness and consciousness topics.

So anyway, I bought myself the book last year, tried to read it but exams got in the way. I started reading it again this year and I’ve been reading it so slowly almost as though I’m trying to let the words sink in. Nevertheless, the phrase “I don’t mind what happens” struck a chord in me. This phrase made me realise that I’ve been so fixated on how things ought to be or how things should play themselves out. I was always so concerned with what happens next. These words got me to slow down and think back on how I’ve been doing life all these years, I got to realise that I really shouldn’t worry myself with “what’s going to happen when I do this and that”. The important thing about life and experience is that we shouldn’t always face it with a great deal of expectation. If I choose to participate in something or start a new friendship, I should do these things with the mind that says I don’t mind what happens. This obviously gives you space to experience things as they happen and be fully present. I’m learning to live presently in each day. The thinking that you’ll feel better or at ease once this and that happens is also a thief of joy. You fail to enjoy your journey that presents itself a day at a time, instead you are worried about reaching the destination.

I’ve been reciting this phrase since I’ve read about it. I don’t mind what happens, I will approach each experience with a child like attitude, enter the moment and experience it for what it is. I am also learning not to be so quick to attach a label to certain events that unfold in my life. Instead of saying that was the worst thing to ever happen, I will acknowledge that the event took place and it’s taking place doesn’t define how I view myself or my life. So if I happen to have fun and enjoy myself, I’ll acknowledge that and be thankful but it doesn’t mean that that moment of joy defines my entire state of being.

Ok I’ve rambled on so I need to get to the point; not minding what happens frees us to live life fully. You enter each moment with a certain amount of presence and mindfulness, you are willing to surrender to the moment and that allows you to experience the emotions that come with the moment for what these emotions are; yet not allowing these emotions to be a definer of what should be.

I am experiencing a renewal of the mind, my perception about the things I would normally worry about is changing. I’m intentional about what I do and I really do want to find myself at a point where I am more present in the here and now. I wonder how many others have experienced these life changing moments by simply seeing a phrase or by way of an epiphany because they’ve been longing for change for so long. However it happened for you, I know that your life changed for the better.

Your student of life,

Lefenyo 💗

I got so mad at a character in a book !!!

Jane Costello – Al the single ladies

Now the story of how I got my hands on this book is a funny(ish) one, depending on your sense of humour of course. The year was 2014 and I was swore to my friend at the time that I’m done with boys; we were at Exclusive Books Store (Popular book store in South Africa) and I saw the book just as I was telling her how I’m done with boys. I immediately grabbed the book and said to her “Tumi you’re buying me this book and I believe it will come in handy in reinforcing my choice to remain single”. 😂 I know you can already tell that not much has changed on that front.

Anyway, so after a few attempts to read the book with no success, I finally found my rhythm and read it until I finished it this time.

The name of the main character in this book is Samantha and; the story starts with Samantha breaking down in front of the emergency road assistant while he was assisting her with her car. The reason for Samantha’s water works was that her boyfriend of six years had just dumped her. What transpired for the next 51 chapters just irked me so badly, basically Sam was so obsessed with winning her ex boyfriend back that she tried to do everything possible to just make him realise that he had made a mistake by letting her go. These attempts were followed by a lot of drama and I personally was embarrassed for her. She was unrelenting no matter how many stumbling blocks she came across, the mission was to get the ex back and boy was she determined.

This got me thinking about the many times I have held on to some people or things in life even though I could see that nothing I do is getting me closer to winning the person over or attaining that thing which I’ve wanted so badly.

I mean just a few years ago I let go of the idea of trying to be a Chartered Accountant (South Africa) because, I had attempted the entry exams into the board exams four times already and each time with no success. I finally decided that I need to learn when to let go, there was obviously no joy that came with the constant failing and if anything, the failing started making me feel somewhat inadequate and I struggled seeing the other good qualities I possessed that still made me exceptional. I started questioning myself a lot and my confidence suffered each time I interacted with others in the profession that were actually successful Chartered Accountants.

Now going back to why I was mad at Samantha, while I continued reading this book I realised that Samantha was not appreciating an opportunity to start anew. She was so fixated on the past that she struggled moving forward. The other thing I realised was that even though newer opportunities were opening up for her, she failed to recognise them because they didn’t come in the package she was hoping for. She even failed to recognise a good thing that was right in front of her eyes because her mission was to get her ex back. I was so annoyed with Samantha, I even wanted to put the book down and read something else instead. However, I reminded myself that I’ve never actually finished this book and I owed it to myself to follow the story through and see if she gets her happy ending. So I went ahead and braved myself through the story, no matter how embarrassed I got and disappointed I was.

I asked myself if I was reacting the way I was towards this character Sam because I too have acted in the same manner before?! The answer was of course a resounding yes. I was hoping that she could see the light like I did, that she would be reminded that she deserved so much better in life and that sometimes you need to let go of what’s in your hand so that something better can enter your life. I know that letting go of something you’ve held on for so long doesn’t happen over night, it comes with a constant decision to let go daily, and the days are never the same. There’ll be a day you feel like no you’re making a mistake and you might never find something better, and then there are those days where you just look forward to what life has in store for you.

just as I had gained the courage to move in the direction of something new and trust the unknown, Sam decided to take that leap as well. The remaining chapters of this book took us through the journey of Sam’s discovery. That firstly she owed it to herself to do things that bring her joy and fulfilment than hang on to having a man by her side. She pursued that which she wanted and eventually found her happily ever after.

The book did not only remind me of where I’ve been in my personal life and my academic life, but it also reminded me that for as long as I still have breath in my lungs…I still can write the story of my life. I still get to make choices that will influence what I become tomorrow. Yes I never realised my dream of being a CA(SA) but I still got to pursue other academic interests that I find exciting. I might not have ended up with that man I thought was the love of my life, but the possibility of finding someone who will remind me what it feels like to be loved are still there. And you know what, even if I don’t end up in love, I will still look back and be glad I chose to live my life how I wanted and found fulfilment in the things I chose to do with my time.

😂 it wouldn’t have been a post by Lefenyo if it didn’t come with a few lessons and reflections. As much as I was angry/annoyed with the main character of the book “All the single ladies”, I realised that there is still a lot one can take from it and yes the author did leave some nuggets of wisdom here and there.

One last thing I can say I took from this experience was that I got to see that I struggle to read some books because I’m not in the season for them. Now I can only wonder whether other people go through this or whether for them, it is simply a matter of picking up a book and getting through it without any great deal of difficulty. So if there’s any one who struggles to finish reading certain books, just know that it is normal and you’re not alone 😅.

Your sister in some of the things literature

Lefenyo 🤎📚🤎

Co wash?? is that a thing?!

So lately I’ve been very lazy to wash my hair weekly like I normally do in the summer; I’ve found myself going two weeks straight without having washed my hair; but only moisturising it. So I decided to introduce something into my regimen that helps me with moisture/hydration. I co wash!!!

Yes that’s what I’ve decided to do every other week, I literally shampoo my hair the one week and co wash the other week. So let me explain the process of co washing and how it seems to be benefiting my hair lately.

Co washing is the process where one rinses their hair with plain water and then after that just applies a conditioner in order to infuse moisture back into the hair. I use this time to detangle my hair as well so that I can continue to wear my hair for another week without it feeling super dry and dirty.

Now when I co wash my hair, I do not have a deep conditioning step because for me that’s why I’m using a normal conditioner in the first place. The conditioner just simply reminds my hair that it is still hydrated; I follow the normal LOCB method to moisturize my hair after rinsing out the conditioner.

Palmer’s Natural Fusions – Lavender and rose water conditioner

This conditioner has great slip for detangling hair, and it is true to its claim of replacing lost moisture to the hair.

Hair with the conditioner in it; I had detangled those few sections that are twisted
Happy kinks and coils, happy Lefenyo 😂

To those that always wonder why we do not wash our natural kinky coily hair every day; the thing is our hair is prone to dryness. If you’re going to use shampoo on it everyday, you’re signing yourself up for major breakages and hair loss. One thing I can say is brittle hair is not cute hair at all. Remember that much as our scalp produces sebum, this oil takes forever to reach the ends of our hair and that’s if it reaches the ends at all. Unlike straight fine hair, our hair doesn’t become greasy over night, if anything we need to put on extra oils to seal in the moisture after spraying the hair with water or using water based products on our hair.

Anyway I seem to have digressed a little bit, 😅😅 forgive me. As I was saying, co washing my hair has been beneficial for me in that my hair doesn’t dry out because of the harsh cold weather. I am able to retain moisture for longer and the hair doesn’t feel crunchy to the touch. This step has truly assisted me in that, because I have detangled my hair in between my wash days, my hair is never overly tangled by the time I’m ready to shampoo and deep condition. Therefore I don’t end up losing a lot of hair at a time. The other thing is I do not have to spend hours on my hair every week but by co washing I literally use half the time I would have used to have a full on wash day.

So if your hair is not fussy at all and you tend to have lazy days like me; try co washing in order to replace any lost moisture or hydration into the hair without having to go through an entire day doing your whole wash day routine. Always bear in mind that dry brittle hair is not cute hair at all and your hair can have its lustre and shine even in the winter months.

Yours Naturally,

Lefenyo 🤎🖤

Self Care 🧖🏾‍♀️ ~ what is it?

So on the last weekend of May 2021, I happen to have booked myself a full body massage and an express facial; the idea was to pamper myself and really remind myself that I matter…to myself.

The place I booked myself in was Cradle Health Spa, located in Harties…it is a serene place that is great for time alone or time with your partner, depending on what you want at the time 😅

Cradle Health Spa

When I think about the words Self Care I immediately think of the idea of prioritising your mental health, the peace you desire in your life and really just taking time to recharge so you can face the world as your more rejuvenated self. I have always been a loner, I would rather sit with a book the whole weekend and read or just be by myself and savour the moments I get to spend on my own. I wasn’t however, one to take myself out for a meal or whatever; and I really started getting into it when I became single again 😂.

Yes I decided I really wanted to do the singleness journey right, I wanted to get in touch with who I am again and do things for myself that I always felt like a partner is failing to do for me. I had to remember that I actually thrive on my own, I love my own company and it was time I did things for myself and by myself. That Saturday was so beautiful, my word, it’s a pity I couldn’t take a video while getting my treatment but the experience was truly worth it.

Really tried to capture the fountain but skills were lacking and no tripod in sight 🤣

There are many ways to practice self care and some pick a day in week that will be religiously dedicated to caring for oneself. Sunday’s are my self care days; I wash my hair, deep condition it and moisturise it and I follow that up with skin care which will usually include double cleansing my face, clay masking and loading on moisture on to the skin with serums and moisturisers. There is so much joy that is derived from the practice of caring for yourself, it is actually something that others, that can’t afford to have time for themselves, view as luxury.

I always try encourage my young sisters to get in the habit of taking care of themselves, even if taking care of yourself means getting your nails done monthly or an hour in a day dedicated to doing something that fulfils you and reminds you of your own individuality. We get so lost in this fast paced world that the older we get the more our lives are consumed by work, the kids (I don’t have any yet), the work we do on a voluntary basis, social media and the likes, that we rarely ever take some time off to tap into self and ask ourselves if whatever we did in that day or week brought us joy or whether we managed to tap into our well of happiness at all.

So in a nutshell self care isn’t meant to be selfish where you’re only concerned about yourself; but it is meant to remind you to pour that love, that you pour into others, into yourself as well. To do things you love and look deep within for the happiness you sometimes feel like you lack. It is meant to encourage you to stop for a moment and feel the rain on your skin, smell the roses and listen to the birds chirp.

No one else can take care of you the way you can, so let’s learn to love ourselves a little more in deed and allow our actions towards ourselves speak of kindness.

Your Sister in all things self care,

Lefenyo ❤️

Dear Zozibini Tunzi

Thank you for being who you are; you’ve inspired the black child and reminded her that her dreams are absolutely valid and worth going after.

Your reign has sparked conversations of self acceptance, self love and more importantly compassion and hope to those that need it the most. I can’t wait to see what life has in store for you and we only pray for everything of the best.

Our Miss Universe

May you continue to lead many to victory in their day to day lives and positively impact those that come across you 💐

Inspired Lefenyo ❤️

🌱Plant based/ vegan for two months 🥬

It all started with my friend Cindy asking me whether I’ve ever considered changing my diet to plant based…me saying no and her encouraging me to try. Lol 😂 it quickly escalated to her challenging me to go vegan for a month.

While everyone did veganuary, I on the other hand, was not aware of the trend because I was fasting social media for 21 days in January so most of the social trends had skipped me. Anyway Cindy challenged me to go vegan with her for the month of February, of course I’m a liker of things so I said yeah why not. Little did I know the path that lied ahead 😂. The easy part was substituting dairy milk with plant based milk because I was already an avid Almond milk user and; I occasionally used coconut cream and milk in my cooking. The challenge came when I had to move away from meat altogether and consider whether to substitute these or just be a fresh veggies kind of vegan…that would mean no tofu, soy protein “chicken” stir fry or plant based burger patties. I then decided to try it all seeing that I really had nothing to lose and it really was worth the experience.

The first thing I did was try find a local vegan store in my geographical area which will have all plant based products I could try. Everything was available online and fortunately enough Vegan Things Online Store ( and Woolworths Plant Based Range came through for me.

I remember my first purchase from this online store consisted of Plant Based Cheese, Plant Based Burger Patties and hempseed wraps 😂😂. I hadn’t really worked out a meal plan and I winged the whole thing as I went along. I then also made a young purchase from Woolies and there I bought the Soy Protein “chicken” stir fry, Mushroom Risotto, Cultured Coconut and cook-in sauces(all vegan) that were meant to make my cooking experience easier and much more fun. I was having fun for the first two weeks and it all started getting a bit overwhelming, especially when I didn’t know what to prepare as the days went by. Lol eating out was not that much fun either because vegan options weren’t hugely available in my geographical area and mostly they catered for Raw vegans and I didn’t identify with raw vegans 😂. Anyway as the month of February was drawing to an end, another friend (who is vegetarian by the way) indicated that Lent (40 days of fasting) is starting in a few days and she was thinking of going vegan for Lent. So because I encouraged her to change from vegetarian to vegan I decided to also join her on this journey. This meant I was then vegan for 30 extra days and boy did it get difficult along the way. I started having hectic meat cravings and sometimes eating became a chore because I wasn’t enjoying the food. But I soldiered on until the day I was told you can now break the fast, 40 days of prayer and fasting has come to an end 😅

The lessons I have learnt from this journey are:

a) Being Plant based is really a mind game, it starts with a decision and continues with daily choices

b) One doesn’t have to go cold turkey, but you can start small by replacing the easier things like dairy milk with either almond milk or oat milk. Then cut the eggs from your diet and continue like that until you have cut all animal produce from your diet

c) It is always better to prepare your own meals because you get to experiment and cater for your palate

d) The interwebs are rich with information, especially recipes you can use to prepare meals for yourself. This age of technology has really made life easier for us.

Now I can talk about how all this experience has impacted me financially and whether I think going vegan or plant based is worth it. I realised that most items are expensive and you buy the groceries you need either weekly or bi weekly. Being a vegan on a budget is possible, however, it isn’t the easiest thing especially if you’re not sure what you can and cannot consume. This really requires financial wisdom and discipline because I found that, for example; the price of almond milk is twice the price of normal dairy milk we buy from the stores .

Plant based milk
Dairy milk

Now to the normal consumer on a budget, this doesn’t make sense. How can one pay double the price for the same quantities of milk? This just goes to show that being a vegan on a budget is possible but will still have a bit of a toll on your pocket.

The experience was fun and it was quite an eye opener; I would encourage anyone that wants to experiment with other dietary types to try it out and really have fun while educating themselves on their nutritional needs and just what their palates can tolerate 😂. So thanks to Cindy and Ngwanamakgowa for the interesting journey; I’ll probably do this again soon and who knows probably be vegan permanently 🤷🏾‍♀️

Yours in all things Plant based

Lefenyo ❤️

Quick hydration for extra dry coils 🥰

I wanted to come and share one of my favourite items when it comes to hydrating natural hair on the go. Yes water is the number one hydrator for 4c hair, but trust me this will leave your coils smiling at you 😂

My go to hydrator when I’m in a rush

I remember seeing this on the shelves at our local pharmacy and I thought to myself this is for dreadlocks and I have natural hair which isn’t locked; the decision to buy it was one of the best I’ve made where my hair is concerned. I usually gravitate towards it on day three post wash day; it refreshes the hair so well and quenches its thirst. It also leaves the hair looking shinier and healthier. I have to say I noticed it isn’t a product you can use on a daily basis because the hair stays hydrated for longer.

So if you have an issue with extremely dry hair and you sometimes have no time to do the whole LOC method, the styling dredz oil moisturizing spray will come in handy for you. It truly refreshes the hair and gives it bounce and the lustre it deserves

😂😂 I can’t believe I just did a whole ad for which I’m not paid. Anyway I thought to share one of my favourite hair products that saves time and leaves the hair healthy. Don’t forget to use water on your hair as well, just as your body needs water…so does your hair.

Naturally Lefenyo ❤️

Purpose and Impact

So I decided to attend a brunch on Saturday last weekend (27 March 2021) organised by someone I’ve come to admire a lot; the event was called #BrunchwithNoma. I came back with my cup refilled and I was thankful I made the decision to attend.

Many times we find ourselves longing to be part of conversations that will remind us who we are, that our dreams are valid and that yes the journey won’t be easy but you’ve got what it takes to make it work. Brunch with Noma was that event that allowed me to be part of such conversations. Every speaker that ascended the stage had a wealth of knowledge and wisdom to share with us, I was challenged to unlearn certain things, learn new things and I was inspired to dare myself to desire far much bigger and better for myself.

Nomazibulo Tshanga

I took something from each speaker; and I will start with the lady of the moment Nomazibulo Tshanga as she opened the event for us and called her topic Power of Personal Transformations. The few things that I took from her were:

1. Always reintroduce yourself to you every waking day

2. Know and understand your talent, as we all have a talent embedded in us by God when He created us

3. Understand your threshold of pain and allow yourself to stretch beyond the pain in order to expand and make room for more

4. Learn the territories you can tap into and don’t be afraid to say no to those that aren’t aligned with your vision.

This really got me thinking and I found myself pondering on each point because I needed to understand just where I am exactly in my life.

The second speaker was Onke Dumeka and she spoke on The Power of Saying No. I remember thinking to myself this will be interesting and the perspective she gave was amazing.

Onke Dumeka

She taught me that; the word no is a complete sentence and that people understand boundaries. She also taught me to know myself and recognize that I deserve to be where God has planted me, so this means there’s no room for imposter syndrome to thrive. The thing that just struck me the most was that if I dare undermine myself, I teach others to do the same. I was both shook and challenged after her address.

The third speaker was Gugulethu Mfuphi; the markets and money lady herself. Her topic was on Money and Emotions, I know I had to think a little about what this topic could entail and yes as usual she delivered.

Gugulethu Mfuphi

Gugu challenged us to assess what our relationship with money is; how money makes us feel and whether we think money buys happiness or not. When she posed the question “do you think money can buy happiness”, the room chuckled and said it’s the things that money can buy that makes us happy 😂😂. Anyway she got me thinking about my spending habits and how sometimes it’s hard for me to say no to family members that may ask me to assist financially even though I know my financial means aren’t doing so great. She taught me that it is ok to say no to even the people we love. I constantly need to rewire and reevaluate my relationship with money, because self evaluation teaches one discipline. She also shared a few platforms and tools that we can use to keep a tab on our spending habits and budget better. Among these were an app called 22 seven and the money smart app. I’m quite the spender and you can imagine the amount of conviction I endured when listened to this speaker.

The final speaker for the day was Ntando Kunene and she spoke on Rebuilding Your Life Through Adversity.

Ntando Kunene

Now this was an emotional session because we were all aware of the struggle she endured publicly and some of us even formulated our on opinions about her life. The beautiful part of her session was that she wasn’t afraid to talk about how she had to rebuild her life, she reminded us that we need to acquaint ourselves with the reality that challenges are a part of life and starting over is as much a part of it. We should never be afraid to start over in life no matter how old we are. Some of the most awe inspiring stories are about people that started over at the ages of 40, 50 etc that became successes simply because they embraced the fact that it was ok to start over.

#BrunchwithNoma #womanarise #purposeandimpact
Inspired Lefenyo ❤️

I left that event challenged and impacted by everyone that got an opportunity to address us. I felt like I was reminded to continue to go in the direction of my dreams and to have faith that if He planted it in my heart, He will help me achieve it. I’m so thankful that I get to be in the room and be part of conversations that build, encourage and challenges us to be and do better with our lives. There’s greatness in all of us that is waiting for us to tap into it.

I definitely look forward to what life has in store for me and I encourage all of us to continue to seek that which builds us, gives us courage, dares us to be bold and audacious; there is so much joy that will be derived on the other side of your courage.

Lefenyo with love ❤️